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Company Introduction

WICA+ focuses not only on the Printing, Advertising and Design Services but our client's needs and satisfied to respond and complete rapidly with efficiency as well.

We are appointed by some of the Shopping malls and Retail vendors which can provide in-house printing and installation in on hub.

We are also highly recommended by SMEs, Corporate and Event Partners to activate their Advertising, Branding and Event Setup activities.

We only provide the High & Premium Quality Products which are supported by the leading printing industry to make sure our products maintain our quality.


Career Highlights:

2011 - Founder of Global Advertising & Event Solution
2019 - Founder of Wicaplus Sdn Bhd
2022 - Founder of Im Material Enterprise

Business Network Affiliations:

Member, BNI (2016-2017)
Member, SEC (2018 - Current)
Member, JCI Mines (2021 - Current)

Educational and Entrepreneurial Pursuits:
Enlliance 企盟家
Genesis Academy 创世纪商学院
Vimigo 分钱为王
Aplus Boss 行动教育
CTG 无宗升有
Bosun 博商企业家训练营
Vertex Mastery 行业为王
Kursus Induksi SLDN 双向培训计划课程文凭

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